"I have never cared what something costs. I care what it's worth." - Arie Emanuel

We at ODV Investments & Trading are a family based company, serving our customers in various trading commodities sectors. We will continue to increase our trading activities by expanding our product portfolio which includes:

  • Transportation
  • Minerals and metals
  • Infrastructure
  • Agricultural
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Electronic products
  • and various products in the Miscellaneous manufactures sector

Our expertise lies in applying the best skills, market intelligence, and resources to add maximum value for our all-important customers and stakeholders and thus, optimize our value chain. ODV Investments & Trading will focus on understanding the customer’s specific needs and provide the suitable product and logistical solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Business Objectives

Our business objectives have always evolved around offering optimal satisfaction to our clients and catering to their needs through a seamless process that involves providing exclusive service as well as the best quality products & services to them.

We thrive to enjoy the best relationship with our customers as well as suppliers and look forward to working together with a view to further improve our services. We also make sure that a stable supply of products or services is always maintained for the benefit of our customers.

We maintain a consumerist as well as competitive energy that are required for growth as well as success and we will continue to do so in the days ahead!

Our Philosophy

As our society gets more and more service-oriented, we remain dedicated to provide the best service. We have a considerable pool of employees, who work cohesively with each other to come up with a value added service. We provide room of achievement for each and every employee for showing up creativity and growth, and all the facets of our efforts are channelized into a collective form for achieving our business objectives or purposes. The bottom line is to strike the right bondage between various facets of our service to achieve ultimate results.

The salient features of our Service

  • Quality service or products with a string of customized and value added features
  • Maintenance of a cost structure that is reasonable as well as competitive
  • A customer-friendly approach that is absolutely transparent


Marketing our values, passion and objectives

The USP of our service is the responsibility that we act with, along with the emphasis that we put on our long term investments and high quality infrastructures. In us you find a trading and investment company that also promotesa sleek, flexible, as well as responsive business culture through optimal encouragement and support for local and comprehensive decision making.This helps us serve our customers in exactly the way they want us to – the very fact that has helped us create the brand value we pride in today!



Whatever service we offer, we ensure the best quality. This has always been our motto to deliver quality service, communication and everything that forms a part of ODV Investment & Trading brand. In delivering quality work, we also deliver value for our customers, especially the ones looking forward to invest in business start ups.


We have a mindset of putting ourselves into the shoes of our clients. This way, it becomes easier for us to realize your business needs and act accordingly. We consider your business needs as ours and thus, we go to the fullest extent to deliver exactly what will suit your customized needs the best.

Speaking about honesty, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to carrying out business in an absolute transparent way. This makes sure each and every client of ours knows what we are doing at any given point in time and in exactly what way so that there is not even a hint of doubt at the back of their mind in regards to our intensions. We are straightforward, prompt and absolutely everything regarding our business procedure are put across to the clients in black & white so that there is no scope of any subsequent misunderstanding whatsoever.


We respect the business we are in, as well as the people who are with us in this journey, and we persuade them to be the best. We admire our partners and their efforts, and respect our customers for showing confidence in us. Success in business cannot be achieved without cooperation and so we are thankful to everyone for their cooperation in our endeavour.


We are committed to work together with all our associates for creating the best possible experience and come out with the best product and service.


Once we pick up a project, we are committed not to stop before we achieve our objective and deliver the best for our customers. We are also devoted to provide the best possible experience for our valued customers.



At ODV Investments & Trading, we apply all our strengths to be one of the most promising brand names in the world of investment and trading. The solutions that we provide help businesses to deliver solutions, unlock the values, innovate new growth paths, and propel a proper growth.


The solutions that we provide truly echo our insight that is driven by our diverse knowledge and our association with a global commodities trading platform that encompasses real estate funds, private equity, credit funds, and various independent advisory as well as restructuring practices. The facts that we always put maximum emphasis on attracting the most talented people to work for us, concentrate on creating the most vibrant atmosphere that helps independent and intuitive thinking, have also helped us come up with the best solutions for our clients when, among other things, it comes to investment in ongoing companies.

On top of everything, it is our number one priority to meet the customized requirements of our clients and investors. This commitment of ours is truly reflected through the values that we carry along with us – integrity, professionalism and the passion to excel. It is also our motto to work with maximum prudence and discipline, with a long term vision and perspective, backed by a clear understanding of the psyche of our valued clients.


At 60, I never thought I will be able to manage a new house, but it was mainly for ODV Investments & Trading that I am now owner of a house in the place where I wanted it the most and am sure will spend a quiet life with my family. Thanks to them and all the best I must say!

Justine Pen

I always had a craving for the best jewelry which I never got from anyone till I came across ODV. These guys were just wonderful in delivering the stuff of my choice and they were quick indeed. I just loved their service. Thanks a ton to those guys! Looking forward to their service again!

Nadira O’Neil